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Recognized by Government of Gujarat, Bharat
"Vedic Virtual Vidyapeeth" - a registered legal body constituted under the The Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950.  


  • International Association of Vedic Hindu Universities.
  • European Alliance for Innovation (Belgium).
  • Maharshi VedVyas International Virtual Vedic University.
  • Association of Vedic Virtual Universities.

      Vision & Mission

  • Spreading the teachings of ancient Rishis, seers and sages. 
  • Research and Analysis of Sanskrit and non-Sanskrit ancient literature.
  • Developing innovative unique online / virtual courses based on ancient Vedic, Puranic, Tantric literature etc.  
  • Book Publishing.
  • Event Management. 

    Milestones & Achievements 

  • Established on 13th May 2013            (Akshay Tritya).
  • Management of 'Maharshi VedVyas International Virtual Vedic University'.
  • Successfully running of exclusive Vedic Organization - 'Rishi Kanva Vedic Microbiology Research Institute'.
  • International Affiliations.
  • Organizing International Conferences on 18th & 19th December 2018. 

Infinite Virtual Space + Indelible Vedic Knowledge =Vedic Virtual Vidyapeeth

His Holiness Maharshi VedVyas was one of the greatest educator of all the time. We believe that like other Vedic Rishis, Maharshi VedVyas was pioneer of Virtual education who bestowed Sanjaya with 'Divyadrishti' to narrate the whole happenings of Mahabharat to Dhritrastra. The teaching of Bhagavata Gita which as originally bestowed to Arjuna by Bhagwan SriKrishna was also virtually heard by Sanjay who narrated the same to Dhritrashtra. Thus, the origin of virtual education took place in the Kurukshetra. The proper mode of life according to Sanatan Vedic Hindu culture lies in practising the ''chaturvidha purusharth''चतुर्विध पुरुषार्थ  - Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha धर्म, अर्थ , काम एवं मोक्ष.  

Management of Conference 

Book Publishing


Dr. Chakradhar Frend



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